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Welcome to the Gig Buddies Central Coast Website

About us

Going out to see bands, clubbing, or seeing friends is part of everyday life for many people. However, if you have a learning disability you may need support to do this. 

​Gig Buddies pairs volunteers and people with learning disability to go to events together.

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The 5 steps of being paired with a buddy.

How it works

Gig Buddies matches and pairs buddies based on mutual interests - such as music tastes, sport and hobbies - and other factors such as location and age.

Once paired, gig buddies go to events together once a month for a year (or longer). 

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Get involved...


If you have a learning disability and want to have a buddy to go to events and hang out with, click the link below.


If you want to go to events with an adult with a learning disability click the link below.

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Gig Buddies is a
"user-led" project

In the UK and Sydney, participants are involved in the running of the project.


If you would like to get involved, we will meet once a month to talk about the project and help with ideas, planning and making the project as inclusive as possible.

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Gig Buddies and the NDIS

The standard NDIS charge is 3 hours per month to support the programme.
The charge covers; recruiting, vetting, matching & training volunteers to partner with buddies (a person with a disability) build friendships & attend live music, sport and other events.
The NDIS charge also includes access* to the many Gig Buddies hosted online and live activities and events.
(*some events have additional charges)

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