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  • Can you provide a volunteer for a one-off gig?
    No. Gig Buddies is all about developing longterm friendships and expanding an individual’s social circles. Therefore, our matched buddies and volunteers are encouraged to catch up for a gig or event at least once a month for 12 months or longer*. Some paired-up buddies have been catching up for over 5 years!! 😀
  • Who decides on the buddy?
    The team at Gig Buddies interviews everyone who gets involved in the project. This enables us to make an informed decision about who to match with who. Music tastes, hobbies, personal interests, age, gender and locality are just some of the factors we take into consideration when matching buddies with volunteers.
  • You’ve found me a buddy... what happens next?
    The participant and volunteer will then be introduced to each other*, after which a staff member from the Gig Buddies Sydney team will join them on their first gig. Participants and volunteers are also offered ongoing support and advice from the Gig Buddies Sydney team. *volunteers must complete an NDIS Worker Check, an NDIS Worker Orientation Module, have two reference checks, and attend volunteer training.
  • What if the pairing doesn’t work out?
    That’s totally fine. If it doesn’t work out we’ll offer support to see if there’s something we can do - and that may include finding a new buddy.
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