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The Soul Fly Buddies

Who are we?

We are an advisory group of participants from Sydney and the Central Coast set up to oversee and advise the Gig Buddies project. We catch up monthly and help shape the Gig Buddies project going forward.

Gig Buddies prides itself on being a truly user led organisation. If you think we can make Gig Buddies better... we want to hear from you.

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SFB Profiles

Get to know us...

Soul Fly Band Mission Statement:


"We meet new people, we get out more, but most importantly we have fun and become friends.


We are the Soul Fly Band. We help people with disabilities get out more and do different things.


We help shape the Gig Buddies project by coming together once a month."

Mental Health

Tips from the Soul Fly Band and service users about looking after your mental health and being happy.

"My Companion Card"

Fraser from the Soul Fly Band explains the NSW Companion Card and how you can benefit from free tickets for your buddy or companion.

Write something and send it to us, and we will put it here

Join the Soul Fly Band

If you would like to work with the Soul Fly Band and help the Gig Buddies project, please click the button below to fill out an application form.

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