We’re getting there…..

Word is getting out. We’re slowly building our numbers and hopefully we’ll be in a position to make our first pairing.

As highlighted from the map above, we have 13 volunteers and three buddies.

As pointed out previously, when it comes to making a match we do so based on mutual interests, while age, gender and location preferences are taken into consideration.


Why no matches?

Looking at the map, people may ask why a pairing hasn’t been facilitated.

Having an abundance of volunteers over buddies (or vice versa) does not guarantee a successful pairing. For example, if we have 10 buddies who loved NRL and requested volunteers aged between 18 - 25 who resided in Gosford, and we have 10 volunteers who loved ballet and live in Berkley Vale and are older in age, we wouldn’t facilitate a match between those who have signed up.


What’s happening?

We have a number of networking events coming up. For example, later this week we’re to present at the NDIS Lunch event in Tuggerah while next month we’re to give a talk to participants from Autism Central Coast.


What about volunteers?

Some of you may have heard us on the radio this morning.

Sticking to the theme of last week’s National Volunteer Week, I chatted with Scott Levi from ABC Central Coast - detailing the challenges we face and why Gig Buddies is needed on the Coast.

To listen to our conversation, click here.


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