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Volunteering opportunity knocks

Last week we received an email from a volunteer informing us that she’s relocating from Sydney's Inner West to the Lower North Shore.

This volunteer, who signed up with us in June 2015, is now in the process of being paired up with a gig buddy.

We speak with all volunteers who submit full applications, and we’re indebted to those who have the ability, time or reasons to look further afield for a gig buddy.

If you – gig buddy or volunteer – are relocating, or are willing to travel that little extra, please let us know as this could improve the situation when it comes to making a pairing.

In other news, on Saturday Rachel facilitated a meeting between our newest gig buddy pairing - Lisa and Lisa (below).

Gig Buddy Lisa (right) and her namesake volunteer - our newest pairing

That takes us to 29 paired up gig buddies, and this week we’ve three more similar meetings penciled in the diary, along with a training session on Saturday involving four volunteers.

With two additional meetings lined up, come August and our trip to Petersham we hope to increase our matched up numbers to 39.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

Would you like more information about Gig Buddies Sydney? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.

Fancy reveling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

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