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“I've never been to anything like that before”

UBERfest was the place to be on Saturday as dozens of Australian independent bands rocked out at the Bridge hotel.

Gig Buddy Lachy and volunteer Michelle (below), out on their first gig, were front and centre, sampling many of the “best up-and-coming acts from across the country”.

Spread over two rooms and running for ten hours, organisers delivered a “diverse line-up of the best emerging musicians”.

Lachy spoke highly of the day: “I have never been to anything like that before. I have been to a few gigs with my mother, but nothing like that."

"Me and Michelle got on like a house on fire. I had a great day!"

“We saw quite a few good bands, especially Jackson. They were my favourite”.

"From my point of view, I enjoyed Seven Suns and Ocean Street”, added Michelle.

“We saw about 10 bands and Lachy loved all of them! It was great getting out there and hearing new music. Prior to going Lachy and I were looking up the bands online to see what they’re about.”

As for their next shindig, during their bus trip home Michelle and Lachy went through some music magazines together. “We’ve circled some bands and gigs, and Lachy is now going to have a look to see what he fancies”.

If you or someone you know would like to attend more live music events, we’re always looking for new gig buddies and volunteers. Click on the relevant links to find out how to get involved.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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Gig Buddies Sydney is an initiative of ACL Disability Services

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