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“I now have the freedom to do the things I like”

We often get asked if we’re just about music.

We’re of the opinion that if we can find a volunteer to match a gig buddy’s passions we’ll join the dots.

Yesterday gig buddy Shai (bottom left) and volunteer Chris went to their first gig – the NRL match between Sydney Roosters and St. George Illawarra Dragons.

Played in front of 11,486 fans at the Allianz Arena, Shai’s team romped to victory, 42-6.

Happy with what he saw, Shai added: “It’s great watching the Roosters win!”

"I don’t often go to the NRL because I don’t have friends or family who are into football, but Chris is. I now have the freedom to do the things I like and in the future I would like to watch my team take on the Bulldogs (Chris’ team). “

Chris also spoke highly of the afternoon and talked about forthcoming gigs: “We’ve both enjoyed the football. Shai’s a great guy and we’ve got many common interests.”

“As for future events, Shai’s very keen on going to a Sydney FC game which is great as I’m a big fan and a season ticket holder. We’ve talked about going to a cricket game too, and Shai’s a big baseball fan. We’ve got plenty of things to do.”

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Social Media Coordinator

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Gig Buddies Sydney is an initiative of ACL Disability Services

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