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Wanted: volunteers with a lust for life!

What do we want?

We’re looking for volunteers who are passionate when it comes to checking out bands, cheering on a sporting team or sampling cultural experiences.

When do we want it?

Now! (Or as soon as feasibly possible)

How does Gig Buddies Sydney work?

We pair up a volunteer with a person with a learning disability (18+); both of you share a mutual interest and, in turn, end up going to events together.

Who are we looking for?

Adults living within the Sydney area. No disability experience is required - we’re looking for passionate people who want to help us address social isolation for people with learning disabilities.

Want to know more?

For more information about Gig Buddies Sydney, click here to load up our FAQs. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call at the office (02 9419 6951) or jump straight to the volunteer application link here.

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