Soul Fly Band round up

We often get asked if there’s such a thing as a “Gig Buddies Sydney code of conduct”

During last Friday’s Soul Fly Band meeting, our user-led group came up with a list of guidelines they feel are important when it comes to being a gig buddy participant.

The overriding emphasis was that while volunteers are to act responsibly during nights out, Gig Buddies Sydney is about two friends catching up and partaking in their passions.

The newly established Gig Buddies Sydney code of conduct will appear on our website in due course.

During Friday’s catch up, Soul Fly Band also uploaded gig reviews (below) to our website.

We’re always keen to connect with local establishments as we believe it’s a worthwhile approach to help change perceptions about disability.

We’re also keen to get the Gig Buddies Sydney name out to the wider public, so if you’ve recently visited any hotels, clubs, live music venues, eateries, sporting grounds or theatres we want to hear from you. You can submit gig reviews by clicking on this link.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Community Engagement Coordinator