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Saturday night at the movies 🎬

For those of you still looking for a Valentine’s Day suggestion, we may be able to help….

Come join your fellow buddies this Saturday (16/2) as we settle in for a night under the stars for Mary Poppins Returns, taking place at Bondi Pavilion.

We have a handful of tickets remaining. To reserve your spot click here.

Looking for love?

And continuing with the theme of romance, we have been approached by Northern Pictures, makers of ABC’s Employable Me; they’re in the process of making a new series, entitled Love on the Spectrum.

Producers are looking for people on the autism spectrum who’d be interested in dating, and they’ve approached Gig Buddies Sydney to reach out to potential participants.

Should you be interested in applying please call Jenni, supervising producer, for a chat. Her contact number is: 02 9098 8370. Alternatively, she can be reached via email:

We have spoken with Jenni on a number of occasions and she is very friendly. She knows all about Gig Buddies Sydney and is a big supporter of our work.

Training and pairings

In other news, last Saturday (9/2) marked a busy day at Gig Buddies Sydney HQ. Firstly we held another volunteer training session - welcome aboard Andrew, Zak and Bianca (below, L - R).

And later in the afternoon we made two new pairings, Ellen and Carly (Left, L - R) and Nalyn and Vivien (right, L - R). We’re looking forward to hearing about your respective outings to sport and exhibitions.

And lastly, in a slight change to our Northern Beaches engagement plans', meetings scheduled for Seaforth Community Centre (originally planned for Monday 18 February and Monday 18 March) will now take place on Wednesday 20 February and Wednesday 20 March.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Sydney Community Engagement Coordinator

Would you like more information about Gig Buddies Sydney? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.

Fancy reveling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

Gig Buddies Sydney is an initiative of ACL Disability Services

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