Dear would be buddies…..

Last week we detailed the journey of the volunteer: from signing up via our online application page, attending training and the vetting process, to meeting their new buddy for the first time.

If you’re new to the Gig Buddies concept and are interested in volunteering with us, click here to read last week’s article.

From a buddy perspective, the process is similar.

Firstly, buddies - adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities and/or autism - submit an online application form. Details such as personal information (address and contact details), hobbies and any assistance required when out with a volunteer is disclosed.

Once submitted, an interview with a Gig Buddies staff member takes place. The idea of such chats, usually conducted via Zoom, is to ‘flesh out the application’. We ask additional questions, all with the intention of finding the right volunteer.

Following the conversation we next look through our volunteer database, attempting to find a suitable match. As a reminder, we pair participants based on mutual interest(s), while age, gender and location preferences are also taken into consideration.

With a pairing in mind, the matched volunteer then attends training and completes the required clearance checks. At this stage we will also look to put together an NDIS service agreement for the buddy. For more information about the amount Gig Buddies Central Coast charges click here.

We then arrange a pairing meeting between buddy and volunteer. Facilitated by a Gig Buddies staff member, contact details are exchanged and issues such as ‘where will we meet?’, ‘how will we get to events?’ and ‘who else will potentially help with organising?’ will be discussed.

Finally, ready to go out with your new buddy, Gig Buddies staff will offer to join you on your first gig. This is optional, however, and we take into consideration the comfort levels of both the buddy and volunteer.

If you would like to know more about the sign up process, including details on the pairing journey, click on the video above.


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