Going twice

Last week we appealed for specific volunteers to help us tackle social isolation for particular buddies.

We’re currently working towards successfully pairing two out of the five buddies that featured in our appeal - thanks to everyone who came forward.

Based on that success, we’re asking our community to once again to help us. We’re looking for suitable volunteers for the following:

As we mentioned last Monday, we’re always looking to recruit new participants - but this week we’re appealing for specific volunteers who could help us tackle social isolation for those buddies referenced above.

If you or someone you know matches any of the descriptions outlined in the flyer, please send them our way. Should you or a potential volunteer wish to chat further, we can be contacted via Facebook Messenger, email (info@gigbuddiesydney.org) or text: 0422 061 990

Alternatively, why not jump straight to our volunteer sign up page, found here.


A change in personal circumstances

One of last week’s new pairings came about after a volunteer contacted us with an updated address.

If you’re a waiting volunteer who’s relocated after submitting an application form, please let us know. Your new address could help us when it comes to making a match.

If you’d like to update your personal information, get in touch via email info@gigbuddiesydney.org, text us on 0422 061 990 or hit us up on Facebook Messenger.


Get creative against the clock