Happy National Volunteer Week

Updated: May 18

We say this a lot, but - as it’s National Volunteer Week, we want to take this opportunity to praise our wonderful volunteers.

Without you the Gig Buddies project wouldn’t function. To all past and present day volunteers who have played a vital role in tackling loneliness, increasing confidence and expanding social circles for so many, thank you.

We’re indebted to your dedication, selflessness, kindness and all round generosity. Thanks to your efforts more than 400 buddies, based in both Sydney and the Central Coast, have benefited from being part of the Gig Buddies project.

For the past few weeks we’ve been busy reaching out to paired buddies. They’ve spent time recording individual messages of gratitude - and today we bring you the full video.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Jump on the clip below to watch this year’s Gig Buddies National Volunteer Week ‘thank you’ video.

To everyone who has and continues to give their time to our program, happy National Volunteer Week!


One up

On the subject of volunteers, we’re delighted to welcome our newest to the family.

Thanks to Tom (above) for joining us for volunteer training last Friday. We’re excited to start work on facilitating another Gig Buddies Central Coast pairing.