"…it’s opened up a list of things we can do together, for cheaper”

We’re all all for raising awareness of the benefits of the NSW Companion Card.

For those not in the know, the NSW Companion Card program “is for people with significant and permanent disability who need a high level of care in the community. The Companion Card allows a cardholder's support person free entry into participating venues and events.”

While we know a number of buddies who already own one, there are others out there who may be unaware of the benefits. We sat down with buddy Bec, who recently obtained a Companion Card.

- Why did you apply to get a Companion Card?

I was recently asked if I had one, and I don’t. A friend has one and said it was worth it (applying for one).

- How will this change things for you and your buddy?

I mentioned it to Georgia (my buddy, below right), and she asked ‘what is it?’, and then she said we can go halves on the one price.

Essentially it will be cheaper (us going out). She actually messaged recently about going to the movies… having the Companion Card, it’s opened up a list of things we can do together, for cheaper. And the card is for life so you don't ever need to reapply once accepted.

- Who helped you apply?

My coordination of support (CoS) and my psychologist. I only had to do my passport photo. My psychologist has been so supportive in the past, I wasn’t afraid of asking her for help.


"If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

- What would you say to other buddies who do not have a Companion Card?