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Misters required

Calling all males: we need you!

Following on from Father’s Day, we’re putting out a request for more male volunteers to sign up. We’re calling on brothers, dads, uncles, nephews, sons, granddads - we want to hear from them!

Specifically, across both Sydney and the Central Coast, we need men to help us with the following roles:

Looking at the image above, we currently have 13 roles that specifically require a male (in pink), while we have seven opportunities that would suit either a male or a female volunteer (in blue).

To find out more about the specifics of each role, click here to read brief descriptions about our Sydney opportunities, and load up this link for the Central Coast offerings.


How do I join?

Besides matching someone based on mutual interests, we also ask buddies if they’d like to be paired with a male or female volunteer. As such, we have a glut of outstanding roles that require us to appeal directly to men.

If you’re based in Sydney and would like to sign up as a Gig Buddies’ volunteer, click here. Likewise, if you’re based on the Central Coast and would like to join us, load up this link.

As for all the sisters, mums, aunties, nieces, daughters and grandmothers out there, jump on the images below to find out more about opportunities that require female volunteers.


Are you looking to volunteer?

We need volunteers! Click on the image above for current roles on the Central Coast and the graphic below for opportunities in Sydney.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us via Facebook or email:


Spring loaded

Are you at a loose end this month?

We’ve released extra tickets to our 80s gathering at Workers Blacktown. Additionally, limited places are still available for our trip to Gosford for the Central Coast Music Festival.

On Saturday 17th we invite you to join us either on the Central Coast for their free concert, featuring Dan Sultan and other acts, or head west and hit up Workers Blacktown for an 80s offering.

For more information, including how to reserve your spot, load up the event links below.

Please note, our comedy catch up at Kirribilli Club (8/9) and Bus Stop Films movie night (13/9) have both sold out.

If you have any questions about our forthcoming events, get in touch: we can be reached via Facebook Messenger, email: or via text or phone call on 0411 252 228.


Each and every week we invite buddies to connect with us for our weekly chat.

Our chats take place via Zoom. To attend get in touch via text: 0422 061 990 or Facebook Messenger.


"I went with my gig buddy, Sherie, to Newcastle”

Every month we bring you news and views from those who make up our advisory group, Soul Fly Band.

Today we hear from Lachy, who shares an update on his recent travels and time spent with his buddy, Sherie.

I’ve been having a rather active month starting with the Pelican Foreshore Markets (Pelican is a place, half way between the Central Coast and Newcastle). They have some nice doggy treats for my dog Rebus, biscuits for me and local honey. There’s music and coffee and we can sit and look across the lake and watch the birds and the boats.

In this photo you can see two power stations (picture 1). The one behind is called Eraring and it is working at a reduced capacity while the smaller one is Wangi Power Station which was shut down decades ago but the building is heritage listed and quite beautiful for a power station, but no-one knows what to do with it.

Last Saturday I went with my gig buddy, Sherie, to Newcastle to see a band called Deadshowws (picture 2), and last week we celebrated my aunt’s birthday at a terrific restaurant, Saddles Mt White (pictures 3 and 4). If you drive up the M1 heading north you will know Mt White as the truck weighing station but there’s more to it! The restaurant is on a property so there’s lots of birds and wildlife. They do takeaway if you desperately need food while you’re on the road.

- Lachy, Soul Fly Band


Are you in the market for Gig Buddies’ merchandise?

Click on the image above to get your fill on Gig Buddies goodies. If we haven’t got the size you’re after, get in touch via text: 0422 061 990 or Facebook Messenger.


COVID-19 Vaccinations - AN UPDATE

The NSW Chief Health Officer has extended the current exemption that allows workers (and volunteers) who have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine to continue to work if they have been assessed as being essential to the operation of the service.

All workers (and volunteers) who have not yet received their booster must also take reasonable steps to get the booster as soon as practical. The exemption has been extended to December 4 2022.

If you have already obtained your booster please send your certificate to or via text/WhatsApp it to 0411 252 228

Similarly, for those who have been granted an exemption from a medical professional, we require a copy of any relevant documentation.

You can access your vaccination certificate through your Medicare or MyGov account. For more information on how to obtain a copy, click here.


Matthew Collins

Gig Buddies Central Coast coordinator


Would you like more information about Gig Buddies Central Coast? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.


Fancy revelling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

Gig Buddies Central Coast is an initiative of ACL Disability Services.

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