Misters required

Calling all males: we need you!

Following on from Father’s Day, we’re putting out a request for more male volunteers to sign up. We’re calling on brothers, dads, uncles, nephews, sons, granddads - we want to hear from them!

Specifically, across both Sydney and the Central Coast, we need men to help us with the following roles:

Looking at the image above, we currently have 13 roles that specifically require a male (in pink), while we have seven opportunities that would suit either a male or a female volunteer (in blue).

To find out more about the specifics of each role, click here to read brief descriptions about our Sydney opportunities, and load up this link for the Central Coast offerings.


How do I join?

Besides matching someone based on mutual interests, we also ask buddies if they’d like to be paired with a male or female volunteer. As such, we have a glut of outstanding roles that require us to appeal directly to men.

If you’re based in Sydney and would like to sign up as a Gig Buddies’ volunteer, click here. Likewise, if you’re based on the Central Coast and would like to join us, load up this link.

As for all the sisters, mums, aunties, nieces, daughters and grandmothers out there, jump on the images below to find out more about opportunities that require female volunteers.


Are you looking to volunteer?