Ready for Rugby League

Rugby League After a great result last night with the blues for the state of origin we are ready for some more Rugby League. Currently the Roosters and the Dragons are 8th and 9th on the Ladder. So this will make for a very interesting game.

Join us at the Central Coast Stadium Gosford Saturday July 16th at 2:30pm.

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Taylah tells the story of her love of art. 17 years ago, I began art going to a local art class at a local art museum on Saturdays and later at a local club on Monday nights.

I also participated in an art workshop in 2017 called: “front up studios.”

I entered an art competition called the 2022 access Artybald prize. My painting is a portrait of me holding flowers my Nonna gave to me for Valentine’s Day in 2020 (2 years ago).

The photo was taken at her house, but I did the portrait of myself and changed the background to my house.

I own a lot of patterns including skinny lines and bright colours to bring the joy of happiness. It expresses innocence and truth.

On the night of the access Artybald prize opening night as the managers were reading the judges’ comments and announced the name of the winner…it’s me!

I was so excited it’s a dream come true.

How to win people’s choice award: I got family, friends for example: long term close friends, primary school friends, high school friends, line dancing friends, art class friends, card making friends, work colleagues, gig buddies to vote for my painting.

I shared the link so they can like and comment on social media.

Results: I received the most votes across Facebook, Instagram and handwritten votes at Front Up Studios.

Winner of 2022 access Artybald prize: Taylah.

Winner of 2022 peoples choice award: Taylah.

It’s a wonderful experience and achievement!