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Save the date

We request that all buddies set aside their plans for Thursday 2 May.

Our 9th birthday is approaching and we’re currently working on the finishing touches for our party.

More information will be revealed in due course, but so far we can share the date and let people know that we’ll be celebrating north of the Harbour Bridge.


Are you looking to volunteer?

We need volunteers! Click on the image above for current roles on the Central Coast and the graphic below for opportunities in Sydney.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us via Facebook or email:


Marching on

As for the here and now, tickets are selling fast to our March and April outings.

First up, this month we invite buddies to connect with us in Penrith, Miranda, Ourimbah and Bankstown.

To join us for lunch, Mexican, barefoot bowls or karaoke jump on the links below:

Please note, our gatherings in Manly, Balmain and Chippendale have now sold out.


April action

And as for the month of April, we’re putting on a total of EIGHT socials - connecting with buddies in Campbelltown, Newtown, Castle Hill, Hornsby, Chatswood, Burwood, Helensburgh and Clovelly.

Tickets are selling fast! To join us for movies, laser tag, pickle ball, trivia, pub dinners, a mini-festival or our a trip to Symbio Wildlife Park load up the links below.

If you have questions about any of our forthcoming events, get in touch: we can be reached via Facebook Messenger, email: or via text or phone call on 0411 252 228.


Each and every month we invite buddies to connect with us for our online chats.

Our chats take place via Zoom. To attend get in touch via text: 0422 061 990 or Facebook Messenger.


Cover me in sunshine!

Each and every month we share updates from those who make up our user-led team, Soul Fly Buddies.

For the month of March we hear from Karen (below left), who tells us about TWO epic live music experiences.

"As I reflect on this month's adventures, I can't help but be filled with excitement and nostalgia. What better way to break the monotony of everyday life than by immersing oneself in the electrifying atmosphere of live concerts? This February, I had the privilege of attending not just one, but two spectacular performances that left an indelible mark on my soul. 

On the unforgettable evening of Friday, February 9th, Lisa (my buddy, above right) and I embarked on an exhilarating journey to witness the incomparable P!nk in action. The anticipation was palpable as we eagerly made our way to the venue. From the moment P!nk graced the stage, her magnetic presence had the audience spellbound.

With her powerful vocals and awe-inspiring acrobatics, she delivered a performance that transcended all expectations. However, the highlight of the night for me was when her daughter Willow joined her on stage to perform "Cover Me in Sunshine," a moment of pure magic amidst the pouring rain.

Standing in the midst of it all, surrounded by fellow fans in the standing section, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and camaraderie. The opening acts, including the phenomenal Tones and I and an exceptional DJ, only added to the euphoria of the evening. After the show, we retreated to a nearby hotel, relishing the opportunity to escape our daily routines for a night and revelling in the convenience of the city location, with the light rail right at our doorstep. 

Fast forward to Monday, February 26th, a date etched in my memory as I embarked on yet another musical odyssey, this time with the incomparable Taylor Swift.

Despite my initial apprehensions about the potential chaos of the event, those fears were quickly dispelled as soon as Taylor took to the stage. Surrounded by a sea of adoring fans, I was swept away by the sheer energy and enthusiasm that filled the arena. Though our seats were further from the stage, the experience was no less enchanting as we soaked in every moment of Taylor's captivating performance. As the final notes faded into the night, I couldn't help but marvel at the seamless organisation that saw us swiftly exiting the car park and making our way home with ease. 

In retrospect, these concert experiences were not merely about witnessing musical prowess but about creating lasting memories with cherished friends and embracing the magic of live performance.

From P!nk's awe-inspiring showmanship to Taylor Swift's undeniable charisma, each moment was a testament to the transformative power of music. As I eagerly await my next concert adventure, I am reminded once again of the profound joy and connection that music brings to our lives, uniting us in a shared celebration of artistry and emotion."

- Karen


This Friday (8/3) marks International Women’s Day, and Gig Buddies Sydney and Central Coast stand in support with this year’s theme: Inspire inclusion.

Taken from the IWD website, we can all experience the impact when we inspire inclusion.

“When we inspire others to understand and value women's inclusion, we forge a better world.

And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there's a sense of belonging, relevance and empowerment.”

From our point of view, we want to say thank you to the countless number of women who have not only contributed their time to Gig Buddies, but have made a lasting impact on improving social inclusion for people with disabilities.



Our user-led team, Soul Fly Buddies, are on the lookout for ONE new member.

For those not in the know, Soul Fly Buddies, formerly known as Soul Fly Band, is the project’s advisory group. Made up of participants from Sydney and the Central Coast, they meet monthly, advising and overseeing the ongoing work of Gig Buddies.

In line with our desire to ensure a fair representation from the areas we cover, we’re looking for the following:

  • 1x FEMALE member from the Southern Sydney area. This means buddies based in any of the following council areas can apply: Sutherland Shire, St George, Georges River, Liverpool or Bayside.

For those of you wanting to know more about Soul Fly Buddies, check out this brief video containing past and present members.

And if you want to know why you should join our current members (Stavros, Lachy, Jack, Alex, Nalyn, Joni, Karen and Audrey) for our monthly meetups, the following video may provide you with some answers.

Our user led-team have been around since 2016. They meet on the last Friday of each month for around 1 hour, usually via Zoom. They have an in-person meeting at least once a year.

If you would like to join the Soul Fly Buddies, register your interest by clicking here. Alternatively, if you would like more information, feel free to get in touch. We can be reached via Facebook Messenger, email ( or text: 0412 145 819.


1 up

We’re delighted to welcome our latest match to the community.

We look forward to hearing more about Keith and Magali’s (above, L - R) planned catch ups.


Suicide prevention

And lastly, we’ve been approached by the team at LivingWorks Australia. They’re currently offering free suicide prevention training

Their offer comes in two forms. People can complete an online 90 minute self-pased module in Suicide Alertness, where participants learn how to identify individuals around them who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide, ask the question directly and refer them on safety connections. This training is evidence-based, and appropriate for anyone over the age of 15+. 

To register for 'LivingWorks Start’, click here.

Secondly, the organisation run an in-person, four hour ‘LivingWorks SafeTALK’.

‘Using a simple yet effective model, safeTALK empowers everyone to play a role in preventing suicide. With over 120,000 people attending each year, it is the world's fastest-growing suicide prevention training.

Participants in safeTALK learn to identify someone who may have thoughts of suicide, ask the question about suicide directly and safely, and refer these individuals on to an ASIST trained caregiver or community safety connections. SafeTALK then addresses common community perceptions and myths around suicide that prevent individuals from acting, such as the idea of "putting the idea of suicide in someones head". SafeTALK can also provide an avenue to discuss internal processes, procedures and referral pathways within Organisations.’

To discuss the potential of attending a face-to-face LivingWorks SafeTALK, get in touch with us via email:


Matthew: Central Coast coordinator (0402 708 814)

Carol: CEO (02 9419 6951)

Chelsea: NDIS coordinator (0412 145 819)

Tony: Funding and sponsorship coordinator (02 9419 6951)

Bec: Sydney coordinator (0411 252 228)

Aylin: Western Sydney coordinator (0466 389 961)

Lara: Greater Western Sydney coordinator (0478 045 121)

Sandon: Southern Sydney coordinator (0478 043 996)


Would you like more information about Gig Buddies Central Coast? You’re only a click away. Connect with us via the links below.


Fancy revelling in legendary status? If so, please support us in our cause to get more people out to live events in Sydney.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all are gratefully received.

Gig Buddies Central Coast is an initiative of ACL Disability Services.

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