"...we always have a great time together…”

The ‘vault’ is back. It’s time to shed some light on another of our wonderful volunteers.

This is how our ‘Gig Buddies volunteer vault’ feature works: at the end of each month we invite a current volunteer to talk about their experiences with the project.

Today it’s the turn of Rodrigo, pictured alongside buddy, Stavros (below, L -R).

- How long have you been volunteering with Gig Buddies?

I've been with Gig Buddies for more than two years.

- Is Gig Buddies your first volunteering role?

No. While living in New Zealand I volunteered with SPCA (Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated), helping with maintaining the centre.

- Why do you volunteer with Gig Buddies?

I moved to Australia a couple of months before joining Gig Buddies. After reading about Gig Buddies online, I thought it'd be an opportunity to make friends.

Looking back now, I can definitely see how much my buddy, Stavros, helped me to meet new people, have new experiences, and explore new parts of the city.

- How would you describe your volunteering experience with Gig Buddies?

Awesome! We have been to soccer games, museums, and Gig Buddies’ events.

It's worth mentioning: Stavros is a rock star! Everywhere we go, people know him!

Nothing compares, however, to the heavy metal concerts we've been to. Stavros is a metalhead! He introduced me to local bands. He knows their members and they are always happy to see us around!